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To listen to a feed on your iPod Touch (doesn't matter which generation) and the iPhone (same deal. Doesn't matter regular or 3g) you need a few things:

  • your device (obviously)
  • an iTunes account
  • accessibility to the App Store
  • Wi-Fi
  • $.99 or $5.99 (plus tax) depending on the App you choose

I am going to write this tut based on my experience with WunderRadio. I don't know about the app called Radio, so if someone wants to test that one out and edit this, that would work as well.


  1. Purchase an App called WunderRadio
  2. Find feeds for your area. WunderRadio supports mms, asx, m3u (mp3 playlists), and pls formats. I set mine up using a feed from the Cache Valley. So for mine the address of the feed is
  3. Play the feed in the app. On the "Stations" tab, at the top there is a "URL or Search RadioTime directory". You will type in the full url here. Make sure you include the http:// because it won't recognize it if you don't. I spent almost half an hour trying to figure out why it wouldn't find or play the feed, and I found out that it was because I didn't have http://www.
  4. (optional): Add this feed to your favorites. ;D

FYI: Listening to scanners on my iPod drains the battery very fast. If you want to maintain your battery, you will probably want to plug the device in. ;) I got mine to work and play through my iHome with no modifications or anything.

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