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Bountiful Utah Public Safety

The UCAN public safety system has multiple sites and hundreds of talkgroups. Loading all of them into a scanner and activating them can make scanning difficult, if not impossible. The scanner can get bogged down searching sites or talkgroups not active. Additionally, multiple active talkgroups without prioritization, can be just as confusing and frustrating to follow.

In Davis County there are four dispatch centers/areas:

To make it easier to follow the activity in the area, I have added the associated talkgroups for these areas into different systems and groups on my Uniden scanners. This makes it possible to turn on and off areas of interest based on actiity level, incident location, etc.

Bountiful Dispatch

Bountiful City has a Dispatch Center located at Bountiful City Hall. From this center, police officers from the four cities in the south end of Davis County are dispatched:

  1. Bountiful City
  2. North Salt Lake City
  3. West Bountiful City
  4. Woods Cross City

The main dispatch channel is:

  • TG 8544 Bountiful PD 1.

Additionally, fire calls for the South Davis Metro Fire Authority are also dispatched by Bountiful. The SDMFA main dispatch talkgroup is:

  • TG 8512 SDMFA Disp 1.

From the south end of Davis County, only one site is necessary for monitoring, the Davis County Simulcast which has an antenna at the Bountiful City Hall and a primary control channel of:

  • Control Channel: 852.8375

Davis County Simulcast System

System and Site


In the RadioReference Database the talkgroups for Bountiful area are listed in multiple subsections of the UCAN Database:

  • "Davis County Talkgroups"
  • "Davis County - Bountiful Talkgroups"
  • "Davis County - Other Cities Talkgroups"

Downloading all of these TG into one system creates the aforementioned confusion of too many TGs active at once on one system. To break it into smaller groups, I pull out just the Bountiful TGs and put them into a system and groups by themselves. This includes the car to car channels of the south cities. (Note: I also add talkgroups for medical helicopter landing zones as well as the North Regional talkgroups.) In my Bountiful System I use 3 groups:

Bountiful PD

System: Bountiful
Group #1 Name: Bountfiul PD

Talkgroup        TGID
Bountiful PD 1   8544 (Main Dispatch Channel)
Bountiful PD 2   8448
Bount PD 3 Car   8576
Bount SpecOp     11872
WX PD 2 Car      11392
NSL PD 2 Car     10592
W Bount PD 2 Car 11296
W Bount PD 3     11328
North Regional   17728
LZ 1 (Air 1)     17184
LZ 2 (Air 2)     17216


System: Bountiful
Group #2 Name: SDMFA

Talkgroup     TGID
SDMFA 1 Disp  8512
SDMFA 2 FG    11552
SDMFA 3 Car   8480
Davis Ops 5   10816 (Medical Calls)
Davis Ops 6   10848 (Fire Calls)
Davis Ops 7   10880
LakeviewHosp  16544

Bountiful Area PW

System: Bountiful
Group #3 Name: Boutiful Area PW

Talkgroup    TGID
WX PW        11424
Bount PW 1   8256
Bountif PW 2 8416
Bount PW Str 8352
NSL PW       10624
WBount PW    11360

(Note: References to systems and groups relate to Uniden scanners with Dynamic Memory Architecture (DMA) other scanners such as GRE or Radio Shack would refer to banks instead.)

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