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These are instructions for including images hosted on the wiki inside a RadioReference forum post:

  1. Upload the image using the "upload file" link on the left of the wiki (under toolbox).
  2. After you upload you'll be looking at the image information screen for the image you just uploaded.
  3. You will want to use the actual URL of the image. By default mediawiki resizes image uploads to match a size format that should be compatible with this forum. Now, the actual URL can be a bit tricky...
  4. If the image is large you will be looking at the resized image on the information page. You probably want to use the resized image as the forum restricts how large an image can be.
  5. If you want to use the full size image for some reason, click on the image and you will then be taken to the full sized image. The URL in the address bar is for the full sized image.
  6. In order to find the address of the resized image, there are various methods depending on your browser.
    1. In Internet Explorer, right click on the image and choose "properties." Then copy the address from there.
    2. In Firefox you can right click and select "Copy image location."
  7. You know you have the URL of a resized image if you see the width appended to it before the image name, like 450px-Medic_Engine_41-14.jpg.
  8. Finally, use this code (replacing the URL) to include an image in a RadioReference forum post:


Medic Engine 41-14.jpg

Advanced Editing

You can resize an image using the wiki software to any size you wish by including the image temporarily in a wiki page. The Sandbox is a good place to do this. Simply insert the image using a tag like the below. Modify the width to any width you want (the 'px' means pixels), for example put this tag in any wiki page:


When you hit either preview or save the server software will create a new image at the specified size. You can then find the URL of that smaller thumbnail (see above directions) and post it to the forum. You do not need to save the page. The second you hit preview the wiki software creates the thumbnail. So, you can do this on pretty much any wiki page you want to, just don't save the results (unless you really want to).

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