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Ryan has written a simple mediawiki extension to enable the use of the RadioReference Javascript Remote Render Display Service. This service allows you to insert data directly out of the RadioReference database in to pages on this wiki. The data is pulled via javascript from RadioReference, and is therefore always up to date.


There are six tags that result in various output formats.

Purpose Wiki markup Resulting display
Display a frequency sub-category. {{#tag:freqsubcat|170}}
Display trunked system information. {{#tag:system|1434}}
Display a talkgroup sub-category. {{#tag:tgcat|195}}
Display full talkgroup list. {{#tag:tg|5636}}
Display a single site from a trunked system. {{#tag:site|10500}}
Display all sites in a trunked system. {{#tag:allsites|1434}}

Alternate Syntax

Alternativly, you can use regular tags. The draw back is that this syntax is incompatible with templates (for example) and the above is. Alernate example: <system>1434</system>.

Finding IDs

For help finding IDs for the various groups, please see the RR API page. There you will find screen shots of how to locate the various IDs. It should be obvious how this API lines up to this extension.


If you have any questions about this extension, please contact the author: User_talk:RyanSimpkins

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