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The Utah Communications Agency Network (UCAN) is by far the largest public saftey system in the state. Most of the action in public saftey occurs on this system. For more information, as well as broadcast sites near you, see the RRDB Database entry. For location information, see UCAN Location.


All sites were rebanded in 2008. For more details, read the article regarind what we found After Rebanding.

External Links

  • Official Site - Official web page for UCAN. Contains site photos and other interesting information about this important radio network.
  • VECC - Main dispatch organization on the UCAN system.
  • Mag Article - Article at 911 magazine containing interesting history and additional background details.
  • SIEC = Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee. SIEC is the legislative/governance body over UCAN and other interop radio sites.
    • Executive Order - Order setting up the Utah State Interoperability Executive Committee.
  • Site Map - Google map of UCAN sites at RR.
  • Proctor Interview - 2004 interview of Steve Proctor (UCAN director) by Urgent Communications.
  • UCAN's Oympic Begininings - Urgent Communicationis Article on the formation of UCAN
  • 2006 Article on Rebanding Urgent Communications Article on Rebanding

Additional Information


The following organizations have chosen to not participate fully in the UCAN system:

  • Murray PD
  • Salt Lake City (does share some talkgroups via Omnilink)

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