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My Bio:

Name - Damon Talbot
Location - West Valley City

I was born in Garden Grove, Cailifornia. I then grew up in Los Angeles until I was 12. During that time I made many trips to Utah with my dad. My first experience with scanning was here listening to my uncles scanner in draper in the early 90's. I have been active personally with scanning since moving here in 1993. I got my Amateur Radio License in 1995 (KC7NEC.) I became active in the ARES program responding to the SLC Tornado in 99' and many other training events. In 2005 helped in the search for Destiny Norton, from which I formed my nonprofit. I am currently a student working to get a bachelors degree in computer networking.

Radios and Scanners

Pro-2055 Base Scanner
Pro-95 Handheld Trunker
Pro-162 Handheld Trunker
Pro-106 handheld Digital Trunker
Icom-T7H Dual Band Amateur Radio
Kenwood TM-2530A 2 Meter Mobile (Borrowed)


President and Director of Operations The Destiny Search Project -

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