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The Utah Transit Authority provides public transportation for the Wasatch Front metro area. UTA offers bus, Trax light rail, and its new Frontrunner commuter rail. The system operates on a wide variety of radio frequencies. These include conventional FM, Talk Groups on the UCA trunk system, as well as a new trunk system (this page).


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Rail Service

UTA operates two types of Rail Service. These are the UTA Trax light rail and Frontrunner commuter rail.

UTA Trax

The light rail system run by UTA runs electric trains powered form cantanary lines above the rail line. The Trax system currently has two line; the North/South Sandy line, and the University line. Construction has begun on additional lines to West Jordon, West Valley, and the Airport.

939.9500 TRAX DISP
938.4000 TRAX MAINT.

UTA Frontrunner

The new commuter rail system operates full size, heavy rail trains from Salt Lake City to Pleasant View north of Ogden. These trains are powered by diesel locomotives and have Bombardier passenger cars.

935.1375 Frontrunner Dispatch (Warm Springs Control)

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