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The Utah Radio and Scanner Group welcomes everyone with an interest in scanning and radio in Utah. The group is a 100% volunteer based organization. It is free to join, the only requirement is active participation. Be sure to also check out the RadioReference Utah Forum.

  • New Server - I have moved to a new server. Please report any issues on the RR forum.
  • Web Site Goals – Learn more about what is all about.
  • Meetings – Get the latest information regarding group meetings.
  • Google Earth - UtahRadio now has a layer for Google Earth and maps. It includes maps and locations that are useful for Utah scanners.
New Members
  • Utah Introduction – Introduction to scanning & radio in Utah.
  • Trunked Systems – Information about trunked systems.
    • Custom Band Plans – Two widely accepted Custom Band Plans (Trunking Tables) that work with rebanded Motorola Type II SmartZone Trunking systems.
  • Codes – List of commonly heard terms.
  • Tutorials – Useful tutorials.
  • Member Services - List of member services.
  • RadioReference Portal - Portal to the wiki on RadioReference; links to articles on trunktrackers, scanning, programming, antennas, reviews and much more

Twitter feed integration has been disabled until further notice (which may mean forever). Our apologies for any inconvenience. We haven't yet decided what to use this spot for. Head over to the forums for discussion.

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More Resources

Learning about a wiki

  • What's a wiki? – Introduction to what a wiki is and how it works
  • Registering – requires that all who wish to make edits register before doing so
  • Editing Guide – Editing guide to help all those new to a wiki to meaninfully contribute

Contributing to

We are currently working on and maintaining 90 articles.

If you have any troubles contact Ryan Simpkins.
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