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Welcome to the RadioReference Portal article. This article links various articles found in the RadioReference Wiki to this site.



Analog Trunktrackers

NOTE: All links shown in green represent links to radios that are or expected to be capable of supporting rebanding. Only certain models of the PRO-92 are thought to be rebanding capable.

GRE Model RS Model Uniden Model GRE Model RS Model Uniden Model
PSR-300 PRO-90 BC245XLT PSR-400 PRO-163 BCT8
PSR-310 PRO-91 BC246T PSR-410 PRO-433 BCT15
PSR-700 PRO-92 BC346XT PRO-2051 BCT15X
PRO-93 BR330T PRO-2052 BC780XLT
PRO-94 PRO-2053 BC895XLT
PRO-95 PRO-2055 BC898T
PRO-97 PRO-2066 UBC800XLT
PRO-162 PRO-2067
PRO-164 PRO-160

Digital Trunktrackers

Digital Scanner Comparison Chart

GRE Model RS Model Uniden Model GRE Model RS Model Uniden Model
PSR-500 PRO-96 BC250D PSR-600 PRO-2096 BC785D
PSR-800 PRO-106 BC296D BC796D
PRO-197 BCD396T BCD996T

Programming Topics

Radio Reference Collaboration Portal

Other Topics

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