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The Utah Communications Agency Network (UCAN) and the Utah Communications Authority (UCA) will be decommissioning the current 800Mhz Motorola trunking system by the end of 2023. UCAN is the main Public Safety trunked system used throughout the state of Utah and is one of the largest systems in the nation. Over 100 Motorola Trunking sites will be shut down and replaced with an all-digital P25 system using 700Mhz. It will impact all Utah public safety and services agencies. After the change, a large body of the information on this site will be out of date.


Your scanner or radios must support P25 digital and will need to be reprogrammed to continue to hear anything on the new system. The community isn't sure how much of the traffic will be encrypted after the switch. If regular channels are encrypted, it will become illegal to attempt to monitor that traffic. We can only hope that if the UCA chooses to do this, they will offer time-delayed or filtered streams of radio transmissions to the public. The public has a special interest in monitoring the activity and operations of public safety agencies. Recent documented abuses by law enforcement officers who have covered up activities or mistakes by abusing laws originally meant to protect victims are a prime example.

Please copy any information you want or need from this site prior to December, 2022. For additional details see the RadioReference Utah forum. An effort is underway to save some content on the RadioReference Utah wiki:

73 de N2OW,


Ten Codes

In addition, these codes may also be used.

Code Description
10-99F Felony Warrant
10-99M Misdemeanor Warrant

Nine Codes

“Used mostly by SLC, provided Jan 2009 by User:N7YUO

Code Description
9- 2 Send backup unit
9- 4 RIOT
9- 5 Bomb threat
9- 6 Unknown trouble
9- 8 Mental case
9- 9 Suicide
9-11 Death
9-12 Assault
9-13 Fight
9-14 Family fight
9-15 Disturbance
9-16 Drunk
9-18 Theft
9-19 Shoplifter
9-20 Bad check
9-21 Burglary
9-22 Prowler
9-24 Indecent exposure
9-25 Rape
9-26 Missing person
9-27 Found person
9-28 Juvenile problem
9-29 Vandalism
9-30 Runaway
9-31 Car prowl
9-32 Car strip
9-33 Stolen car
9-34 Abandoned car
9-35 Suspicious car
9-36 Blocked drive
9-37 Drag racing
9-38 Traffic hazard
9-39 Illegal parking
9-40 Assist motorist
9-40* Suspect has prior drug offenses (*Box Elder County)
9-45 Motor inspection
9-46 Damage inspection
9-48 Open door or window
9-49 Deliver Message

Common Terms and Abbreviations Used in Utah

“Copspeak, Firespeak, & Medspeak” Jan 2009 by User:N7YUO

Code Description
A-Side or Alpha-Side The front or address side of a structure fire
A & B Assault & Battery
A.C. or Alpha Charlie Ass Chewing (military slang)
A.C. Air Craft
A.C.O. Animal Control Officer
ACCOUNTABILITY Keeping track of the whereabouts of every firefighter
A.D.C. Adult Detention Center (SLCO Jail)
A.D.W. Assault with a Deadly Weapon
AIMS Accident Investigation Measuring System
ALPHA 10-85-A victim’s condition fair
ALL CLEAR Fire area searched, no victims discovered
A.L.S. Advanced Life Support (Critical ambulance call)
A.N.G. Air National Guard
A.P.&P. Adult Probation & Parole (Probation & Parole Officers)
A.P.B. All Points Bulletin
A.R. Armed Robbery
A.T.C. Air Traffic Control
A.T.F. (Bureau of) Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
A.T.L Attempt To Locate
Auto-Ped Auto-Pedestrian accident
AUX AUXiliary unit (Small 4WD fire truck used for grass fires)
B-Side or Bravo-Side The left side of a structure fire (When looking at the front)
BANDIT Subject of surveillance or manhunt
BATMOBILE Breath Alcohol Tester Mobile unit
B.&E. Breaking & Entering
B.C. Battalion Chief (Fire Chief)
B.C.I. Bureau of Criminal Identification
BLOOD TECH Person certified to draw blood from accident victims
B.L.S. Basic Life Support (Routine ambulance call)
B.M.A. Black Male Adult
BOLO Be On the Look Out for
B.O.T. Breach Of Trust (Unauthorized use of a vehicle)
BRAVO 10-85-B victim’s condition poor
C-Side or Charlie-Side The rear side of a structure fire
CANINE or K9 Police Dog
C.A.P. Civil Air Patrol
C-COLLAR Cervical Collar (Used to immobilize injured necks)
C.C.W. Carrying a Concealed Weapon
C.D.L. Commercial Driver’s License
CHARLIE 10-85-C victim’s condition critical
C.H.F. Congestive Heart Failure
C.I. Confidential Informant (Snitch)
CLOAKED Police officer in plain unmarked vehicle (Terminology from Star-Trek)
CLUSTER A big mess or screwup (From a military profanity: Cluster F_ _ _)
CODE-1 This channel is restricted
CODE-2 Proceed without siren
CODE-3 Use lights & siren
CODE-4 No further assistance needed
CODE-7 Lunch/coffee break
CODE-38 Check on a parolee at home
COLES Reverse phone directory lists addresses then numbers
C.P. Chief of Police
C.P. Command Post
C.P.R. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
C.S. Controlled Substance (Drugs)
C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation
C.T. Complaint Taker (Answers the phone when you call police)
C.V.A. Cerebral Vascular Accident (Stroke)
C.W.P. Concealed Weapons Permit
CYANOTIC Victim turning blue from lack of oxygen
D-Side or Delta-Side The right side of a structure fire (when facing the front)
DEFENSIVE MODE Protect other exposures from fire, fight only from the outside
DELTA 10-85-D victim’s condition near death
D-CON DeContamination of a person or equipment
D.F.S. Division of Family Services (Actually D.C.F.S.)
DIAPHRETIC Cold & sweaty (Happens during heart attack)
D.L. Driver’s License
D.M.V. Department of Motor Vehicles
D.N.R. Do Not Resuscitate
D.O.A. Dead On Arrival
D.O.B. Date Of Birth
D.O.S. Driving On Suspension
D.O.T. Department Of Transportation
D.R.E. Drug Recognition Expert
D.T. juvenile DeTention
D.T.s Delirium Tremens (Confusion with trembling & hallucinations)
D.U.I. Driving Under the Influence (Of alcohol or drugs)
D.W.R. Division of Wildlife Resources (Fish & game cops)
EARLY WARNER Portable highway sign used to warn motorists of a hazard
ECHO 10-85-E obvious fatality, dead
E.L.T. Emergency Locator Transmitter
E.M.S. Emergency Medical System
E.M.S. ABUSER fakes injury or illness to get response from EMS
E.M.T. Emergency Medical Technician
E.O.C. Emergency Operations Center
E.O.D. Explosive Ordnance Disposal
E.T.A. Estimated Time of Arrival
E.T.O.H. Drunk
EXTRICATION Removal of a trapped victim
FAST ATTACK Immediate attack on a fire
F.I. Field Interrogation
FIELD CARD Information card filled out during a field interrogation
FLAMINGOS (Flame-N-Goes) prison inmates that fight wildfires
FLASH BANG A grenade used prior to a swat team entry, confuses suspects.
FLIR Forward Looking Infra Red (Helicopter mounted night vision)
F.R. Financial Responsibility (Liability insurance or the lack of it)
FRIENDLY Same as confidential informant
F.S.T. Field Sobriety Test
F.T.A. Failure To Appear (In court to pay fine or make a plea)
F.T.O. Field Training Officer
G.I.S. Geographical Information System
G.O.A. Gone On Arrival (Not present when police arrive at a location)
G.P.S. Global Positioning System (Locates latitude and longitude)
GREEN BALL Green traffic signal
G.S.R. Gun Shot Residue test (Used to determine who did the shooting)
G.S.W. Gun Shot Wound
G.T.A. Grand Theft Auto
H&R Hit & Run
HAZARD FLAG A warning note on the dispatcher’s computer screen
HAZ-MAT HAZardous MATerials, or unit that responds to haz-mat situations
HEAR SYSTEM Hospital Emergency Administrative Radio (155.28 & 155.34)
HELO Helicopter
HEMATOMA A bump on the head
HIT-ONE hazardous materials response unit at Hill AFB
HOLD SACK to hold surveillance
H.O.V. High Occupancy Vehicle (The car pool lane)
I.C Incident Command
I.C.E Immigration and Customs Enforcement
I.C.P Incident Command Post
I.I.I. or TRIPLE-I Interstate Identification Index (an agency similar to NCIC)
I.M. Incident Management
I.M.T. Incident Management Team
I.P.S. Independent Professional Services (A low cost mortuary)
J.C.A.T Joint Criminal Apprehension Team
J.R.C. Juvenile Receiving Center
K-9 or CANINE Police Dog
LONG EYES Binoculars
L.Z. Landing Zone for helicopter
M.C.C. Mobile Command Center
M.C.P. Mobile Command Post
M.D.T. Mobile Data Terminal
M.E. Medical Examiner (Coroner)
METRO Metro Gang Unit
M.I. Myocardial Infarction (Clinical name for a heart attack)
M.I.C.U. Mobile Intensive Care Unit
MOTOR MOTORcycle unit
M.V.E.D. Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division (25-Alpha)
N.C.I.C. National Crime Information Center (FBI files)
N.F.D. No Further Description
NUMBER ONE LANE The inside or left lane of travel
OBVIOUS OBVIOUS fatality, dead, 10-85-Echo
O.C. Oleo resin Capsicum (Technical name for pepper spray)
O.C.P. Operations Command Post
O.M.E. Office of the Medical Examiner (Coroner)
On Paper Doing paperwork ("I will be 10-19 on Paper")
PAR Personnel Accounting & Reporting (Are all firefighters accounted for?)
P&R Parks & Recreation
P.B.T. Portable Breath Tester
P.C. Party Complaining
P.C. Probable Cause
P.D. Property Damage accident
PERIMITER to surround an area where a suspect is hiding
P.I. Personal Injury accident
P.I.O. Public Information Officer (Provides information to news media)
PIT Persuit Intervention Technique or Precision Immobilization Technique
PLAN-C To set up a perimeter or cordon off an area
P.M.A. ParaMedic Aboard the ambulance en route to a hospital
P.M.R. ParaMedic Recovery from the hospital
P.O. Police Officer or Parole Officer from AP&P
P.O. Protective Order
P.O.C.S. Possession Of Controlled Substances (Drugs)
P.O.S. Piece Of Sh_ _ (A beat-up, worthless car)
POST Police Officer Standards & Training (Police Academy)
P.O.E. Port Of Entry (Truck scales near the state line)
P.R. Party Reporting
RABBIT Person known to flee from police
RED-BALL Red light at intersection
RED-BALLED Surveillance unit or suspect stopped at red light
Reverse 911 911 makes outbound calls to residents in a given area
R.I.T. Rapid Intervention Team
R.P. Reporting Party or Responsible Party
R.O. Registered Owner
S.B.I. State Bureau of Investigation
S.C.B.A. Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (Fireman’s air pack)
S.E. Selective Enforcement
SERT Special Emergency Response Team (SWAT Team)
S.T.E Selective Traffic Enforcement
S.O. Sheriff’s Office
S.O.B Sheriff’s Office Building / State Office Building
STEP Selective Traffic Enforcement Patrol
SUB SUBstation
SWAT Special Weapons And Tactics team
SYNCOPAL EPISODE Medical terminology for fainting spell
TA Traffic Accident
TAC TACtical squad or TACtical channel
TAGGERS People spray painting graffiti
TAG TEAM Two mobile surveillance units following a target vehicle
TARGET Subject of surveillance or manhunt
THERMAL IMAGING (TIC) Used to look for warmth, such as a person who is lost or concealed
T.O.C. Traffic Operations Center
TRAFFIC Traffic Stop (I will be 'traffic' on...)
TWIX (TWX) a teletype service
U.C. Under Cover
UCAN Utah Communications Agency Network
U.D.I. Utah Division of Investigation
U.D.L. Utah Driver’s License
UDOT Utah Department Of Transportation
U.F. Unidentified Female
U.M. Unidentified Male
Uncle Charley Under Cover
U.S.M. United States Marshall
U.S.P. Utah State Prison
U.-TIP Utah Truck Inspection Program
U.T.L. Unable To Locate
VAMPIRE Nickname for the Blood Tech
VECC Valley Emergency Communications Center
VIN Vehicle Identification Number
W.F.A. White Female Adult
W.M.A. White Male Adult
WORKING FIRE Actual fire, as compared to smell of smoke or an alarm
X Female
Y.R.C. Youth Receiving Center

VECC / Salt Lake Fire & Rescue Dispatch Codes / Gold Cross

These are used for dispatching of medical calls. (BLS = Basic Life Support, ALS = Advanced Life Support)

Dispatch Code Type
Alpha BLS Cold
Bravo BLS Hot
Charlie ALS Hot, Nearest BLS Cold
Delta ALS & BLS Hot
Echo All responding units Hot
Omega Public Service Call

Advanced Medical Priority Dispatch System (AMPDS) Medical codes:

Code Description
001 Abdominal pain/problems
002 Allergies/hives/medicine reactions/stings
003 Animal bites
004 Assault/rape
005 Back pain
006 Breathing problems
007 Burns
008 Carbon monoxide poisoning/inhalation
009 Cardiac/respiratory arrest
010 Chest pain
011 Choking
012 Convulsions/seizures
013 Diabetic problems
014 Drowning/diving accident
015 Electrocution
016 Eye problems
017 Falls
018 Headache
019 Heart problems
020 Heat/cold problems
021 Hemorrhage
022 Industrial/machinery accidents
023 Overdose/poisoning/ingestion
024 Pregnancy/childbirth/miscarriage
025 Psychiatric/behavioral problems
026 Specific diagnosis/chief complaint
027 Stab/GSW
028 Stroke/CVA
029 Traffic injury accident
29A TIA Auto
29B TIA Pedestrian
29C TIA Non-motorized vehicle
29D TIA Motorcycle
29E TIA Off-road ATV
030 Traumatic injuries, specific
031 Unconsciousness/fainting
032 Unknown problem
033 Diarrhea
034 Ear Problems
035 Fever
097 Air transport team transfer
098 Routine Transfer, Other misc
099 Transfer, other

Advanced Medical Priority Dispatch System (AMPDS) Fire codes: (51-73)

51 - Aircraft Emergency
51-O-1 Airborne Aircraft
51-A-1 Stand BY
51-B-1 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
51-C-1 Aircraft Incoming - Full Emergency (Alert II)
51-C-2 Aircraft Incoming - Minor Emergency (Alert II)
51-D-1 Aircraft Crash (Alert III)
51-D-2 Aircraft Crash Involving Structure (Alert III)
51-D-3 Aircraft Fire on Ground (Alert III)
52 - Alarms
52-O-1 Burglar Hold-up Alarm
52-O-2 Medical Alarm
52-B-1 Residential (Multiple)
52-B-2 Residential (Single)
52-B-3 Non-Dwelling Structure (Shed, Garage, Call Box)
52-B-4 Mobile Home, House Trailer, Portable Office
52-B-5 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
52-C-1 High Life Hazard
52-C-2 High Rise
52-C-3 Commercial Structure
53 - Citizen Assist / Service Call
53-O-1 Locked Out of Vehicle (Unoccupied)
53-O-2 Down Trees and Objects
53-O-3 Hydrant Problems
53-O-4 Sewer Problems
53-O-5 Water Main Break
53-O-6 Other
53-A-1 Locked in Vehicle (Non-Medical Assistance)
53-A-2 Locked In/Out of Dwelling (Non-Medical Assistance)
53-A-3 Citizen Assist (Non-Medical Assistance)
53-A-4 Animal Rescue
53-A-5 Water Problem
53-B-1 Locked In Vehicle (Possible Medical Assistance)
53-B-2 Locked In/Out of Dwelling (Possible Medical Assistance)
53-B-3 Citizen Assist (Posibble Medical Assist)
53-B-4 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
53-C-1 Water Problem with Electrical Hazard
54 - Confined Space / Structure Collapse
54-B-1 Entrapment (Unconfirmed)
54-C-1 Entrapment (Unconfirmed) with Hazardous Materials
54-D-1 Entrapment (confirmed)
54-D-2 Entrapment (Confirmed) with Hazardous Materials
55 - Electrical Hazard
55-A-1 Transformer Outside (Wire or Pole)
55-A-2 Appliance with No Odor Present
55-B-1 Electrical Arching
55-B-2 Wires Down with No Smoke or Arching
55-B-3 Appliance with Odor Present
55-B-4 Electrical Odor
55-B-5 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
55-C-1 Electrical Hazard with or near Water
55-C-2 Wires Down with smoke or arching
56 - Elevator / Escalator Rescue
56-O-1 Elevator Malfunction - No Occupants Inside
56-O-2 Escalator Incident - Not Caught (with or without injuries)
56-A-1 Elevator Malfunction - Occupants Inside
56-B-1 Elevator Malfunction - Occupants Inside (Medical Condition Present)
56-B-2 Caught (Escalator) with no injuries
56-B-3 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
56-D-1 Entrapment (Escalator) with injuries
57 - Explosion
57-B-1 Vehicle Explosion
57-B-2 Non-Structure Explosion
57-B-3 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
57-D-1 High Life Hazard
57-D-2 High Rise
57-D-3 Commerical Structure
57-D-4 Residential (Multiple)
57-D-5 Residential (Single)
57-D-6 Large Non-Dwelling Structure (Barn, Storage Building)
57-D-7 Small Non-Dwelling Structure (Shed, Detached Garage)
57-D-8 Large Fuel/Fire Load Vehicle
57-D-9 Mobile Home, House Trailer, Portable Office
58 - Extrication / Entrapped (Machinery, Vehicle)
58-B-1 Entrapment (Unconfirmed)
58-B-2 No Longer trapped
58-D-1 Entrapment (Confirmed)
59 - Fuel Spill
59-B-1 Uncontained Spill <50 Gallons
59-B-2 Contained Spill <50 Gallons
59-C-1 Uncontained Spill >50 Gallons
59-C-2 Contained Spill >50 Gallons
59-C-3 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
60 - Gas Leak (Natural and LP Gases)
60-B-1 Outside Tank Leak <5 Gallons
60-B-2 Outside Odor
60-C-1 Outside Tank Leak >5 Gallons
60-D-1 Inside Rupture/Tank Leak (Odor)
60-D-2 Outside Rupture (Odor)
61 - HazMat
61-A-1 Abandoned Waste
61-B-1 Small Spill (<5 Gallons)
61-C-1 HazMat (Contained)
61-C-2 Illeagal Drug Lab
61-D-1 HazMat (Uncontained or moving)
61-D-2 HazMat Fire (Outside)
61-D-3 Illeagal Drug Lab Fire (Outside)
61-D-4 Illeagal Drug Lab (Uncontained or Moving)
62 - High Angle Rescue
62-B-1 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
62-D-1 High Angle Rescue
63 - Lightning Strike (Investigation)
63-B-1 Residential (Single)
63-B-2 Non-Dwelling Structure (Shed, Garage)
63-B-3 Mobile Home, House Trailer, Portable Office
63-B-4 Outside Lightning Strike
63-B-5 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
63-C-1 High Life Hazard
63-C-2 High Rise
63-C-3 Commerical Structure
63-C-4 Residential (Multiple)
64 - Marine Fire
64-B-1 Extinguished Fire
64-D-1 Threatened Structure or Other Boats
64-D-2 Docked in Coastal Water
64-D-3 Docked in Inland Water
64-D-4 Beached in Coastal Water
64-D-5 Beached in Inland Water
64-D-6 Coastal Water
64-D-7 Oceanic Water
64-D-8 Inland Water
64-D-9 Dry Dock
65 - Mutual Aid / Assist Outside Agency
65-A-1 Mutual Aid to Incident (Single Unit)
65-A-2 Assist Outside Agency (Single Unit)
65-A-3 Mutual Aid Move Up/Cover (Station Assignment)
65-A-4 Mutual Aid to Staging Area
65-B-1 Mutual Aid to Incident (Single Unit)
65-B-2 Assist Outside Agency (Single Unit)
65-D-1 Mutual Aid to Incident (Multiple Units)
65-D-2 Assist Outside Agency (Multiple Unit)
66 - Odor (Strange / Unknown)
66-A-1 Odor Inside
66-A-2 Odor Outside
66-C-1 Odor with Patients
67 - Outside Fire
67-O-1 Controlled Burn
67-A-1 Transformer (Wire or Pole)
67-A-2 Extinguished Fire
67-B-1 Small Outside Fire
67-B-2 Small Outside Fire with hazardous materials present
67-B-3 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
67-D-1 Wildland Fire
67-D-2 Brush/Grass Fire
67-D-3 Large Outside Fire
67-D-4 Large Outside Fire with hazardous materials
68 - Smoke Investigation (Outside)
68-A-1 Light Smoke
68-A-2 Odor of Smoke
68-C-1 Heavy Smoke
69 - Structure Fire
69-C-1 Appliance Fire (Contained)
69-C-2 Extinguished Fire
69-D-1 High Life Hazard
69-D-2 High Rise
69-D-3 Commerical Structure
69-D-4 Residential (Multiple)
69-D-5 Residential (Single)
69-D-6 Chimney
69-D-7 Large Non-Dwelling Structure (Barn, Storage Building)
69-D-8 Small Non-Dwelling Structure (Shed, Detached Garage)
69-D-9 Mobile Home, House Trailer, Portable Office
69-D-10 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
69-E-1 Person on Fire (Inside)
69-E-2 Trapped in Structure Fire
70 - Train / Rail Incident
70-O-1 Moving Train
70-B-1 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
70-D-1 Structure Involved
70-D-2 Derailment Below Ground
70-D-3 Derailment Elevated (Above ground)
70-D-4 Derailment at Ground Level
70-D-5 Derailment in Tunnel
70-D-6 Fire on Board Below Ground
70-D-7 Fire on Board Elevated (Above Ground)
70-D-8 Fire on Board at Ground Level
70-D-9 Fire on Board in Tunnel
70-D-10 Vehicle(s) Involved
71 - Vehicle Fire
71-A-1 Vehicle Fire (Extinguished)
71-B-1 Vehicle Fire
71-B-2 Large Fuel/Fire Load Vehicle (extinguished)
71-C-1 Vehicle Fire Threatening Non-Structure
71-C-2 Vehicle Fire in Parking Garage (Parkade)
71-D-1 Vehicle Fire with Threatened Structure
71-D-2 Tanker or Tractor-Trailer (Semi) with Flammable Cargo
71-D-3 Large Fuel/Fire Load Vehicle
71-E-1 Vehicle Fire (Occupants Trapped)
72 - Water Rescue
72-A-1 Animal Rescue
72-B-1 Stranded Motorist (Non-threatened)
72-B-2 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
72-E-1 Sinking Vehicle
72-E-2 Ice Rescue
72-E-3 Swift Water Rescue
72-E-4 Scuba Dive Accident
72-E-5 Swimming Pool Rescue
72-E-6 Coastal Water Rescue
72-E-7 Inland Water Rescue
72-E-8 Oceanic Water Rescue
73 - Watercraft in Distress
73-B-1 Out of Fuel
73-B-2 Engine Will Not Start
73-B-3 Run Aground
73-B-4 Flare Sighting (other than Orange or Red)
73-D-1 Taking on Water
73-D-2 Person Overboard
73-D-3 Flare Sighting (Orange or Red)
73-D-4 Unknown Situation (Investigation) test
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