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Several members have put together a Google Earth layer for various radio related points of interest in the state. Currently it only contains data for Salt Lake County emergency services. This map is a ongoing project. The goal is to eventually provide a multi-layered overlay of all emergency services related sites, equipment, apparatus, photos, amateur repeater locations, police departments, member listening locations, and hospitals. It will result in a simple to use multi-layered format so you can switch on or off what you do or do not want to see. To use this map, follow these instructions:

If you wish to view in your Browser with Google Maps:
Utah Scanning Google Map

If You have Google Earth:

  1. Download and install Google Earth.
  2. Download this file: UtahRadio.kml
  3. Open UtahRadio.kml, this should open Google Earth and add the layer.
    • It will appear in to your temporary places (on the left, under "Places").
  4. Right click on "Salt Lake County - Emergency Services" and choose "Save to My Places." Skipping this step will cause the layer to disappear upon exit.

The file will automatically be re-downloaded every 5 minutes to ensure you always get fresh information. If you would like to contribute to the file, please contact Utah_Viper for access information.


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