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Here are the goals of this site. See something that is missing? Simply edit this page and add it. Items in bold are implemented.

  1. List informaton about on-line scanning resources for Utah (RR forum, RRDB, IRC, Mailing list, other sites, etc).
  2. Provide a collaborative on-line workspace to do the following:
    • Real time event information.
    • Talkgroup verification and identification.
  3. Event coordination (announcements, RSVP, etc).
  4. Information regarding the global radio "sphere" in Utah. Amateur radio, CB, etc. Links to sites, basic information, legal information if there is anything special.
  5. Set up a network of on-line scanner icecast's (or similar). The ultimate dream would allow remote control, but for now we can just focus on the basics. It would be great if we could set up special feeds as well, like a daily dump of a specific talkgroup (for verification). This way people could participate without even owning a scanner. You could listen to 3 days worth of transmissions in an hour (on a less used talkgroup for example). Linking such a thing to the wiki page for that talkgroup should be trivial. Think RSS feeds of icecasts for specific talkgroups.
  6. Provide sponsorship opportunities as appropriate (once we have an actual organization).
  7. Provide a location for file storage, special projects, and other collabrative efforts that extend what RR has to offer. Hosting for special web applications written by members.
  8. Provide a "home" for each member of the group to store their own personal information, photos, sound clips, frequencies, etc.
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