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Everyone can help identify unkown talkgroups. You can use this space to help coordinate identification efforts. Please read about posting unknown talkgroups before doing so.


Unknown Talkgroups

Verification Needed

Complete (waiting for database addition)

Posting Unknown Talkgroups

It has been decided by the group that all unidentified talkgroups will be posted. Unidentified talkgroups should only be posted if there is a reasonable level of activity on that talkgroup. When posting an unidentified talkgroup, please search the existing RR database and the forum for existing threads that might be related. If nothing is returned post a new thread and observer the following format:

?TG: followed by the Talkgroup ID in DEC format followed by a dash and the site that it was heard on:
example: ?TG: 123456 - Site 1 - UCAN

The message should contain any pertinent information regarding that talkgroup such as they nature of the traffic, the time of day, any location information, etc.

All subsequent posts (responses) should be related to that specific talkgroup. Once the group has reached an agreement on the new talkgroup, the person that initiated the thread should submit an update to the RR database admins.

Using The Wiki

You can use the wiki to help coordinate talk group identification.

  1. Edit this page and add a link to a new page with the correct naming scheme for an unknown talkgroup.
  2. Place it under the correct header.
  3. Create the page (click on it). For an example of page structure, see this example.
    • Be sure to include any links to forum posts, or any helpful information you may have.
  4. Move the link to the page to the correct section as you go through the identification process.
  5. A sysop will remove it from the final complete group after verifying the page is correct.
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