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The Utah Radio Scanner Group supports a Utah Incident Paging notification list and anybody who is interested is encouraged to join. The list has the ability to send you a TXT message when a new alert is sent out. In addition there is also a published RSS(XML) feed for your viewing enjoyment.

To subscribe to the feed and get TXT messages you must have a Twitter account (there is no charge).

  1. Goto http://www.twitter.com
  2. click the "GET Started-JOIN" button.

Once your account has be setup you will want to "watch" the "UtahAlerts" feed:

  1. Log into your Twitter account
  2. In the search box at the top of the screen type 'UtahAlerts' and press search
  3. Click the "Follow" button
  4. You should now be following the UtahAlerts and start to see them on your main page

To setup TXT alerts for your phone

  1. Go to "Settings"
  2. Click on "Devices"
  3. Fill out the form and follow the directions to activate your phone.
  4. Once your device is activated log back into twitter
  5. Go to https://twitter.com/UtahAlerts and make sure "Device Updates" is set to 'on'

For more information about RSS see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS_(file_format)

Incident Alert Guidelines

These are GENERAL GUIDELINES. Please use your own Judgment, and Discretion with all Active Posts. Our Goal is to provide useful and accurate information to our scanning community on active incidents. We however want to always keep the Safety, and Security of the Agencies we monitor in the fore front. If information is not appropriate for the public site use e-mail, or the PM function to work with the fellow scanners.

SWAT activities prior to a raid. Undercover Operations. Names, Licenses, SS #'s, ID Numbers, or other Identifying items of Victims, Suspects, or subjects related to a call. Any other items that may endanger lives and safety of Police, Fire, or other persons involved.

Posting OK
Fires, Accidents, Haz-Mat, Medical Helicopter Calls, and other Working Incidents. Pursuits, Containment Situations, K-9 Deployments, and Stand Offs. Shootings, Stabbings, Police Responding Code-3. Anything else that may be of interest to the scanning community.

Utah Alerts Wiki Pages

One of the great features on the Wiki is that each alert sent out can become its own wiki page. Once a alert is posted you can click it and create a wiki page for that alert. Feel free to add many more details. A event time line, audio clips when available, related news clippings, or other media and notes.

E-mail Updates

There has been some confusion regarding how people get alerts from twitter that:

  1. Don't have a mobile device (or don't want to get updates to one).
  2. Don't want to use a widget/rss reader.
  3. Would like to receive alerts via e-mail.

Of course, twitter does NOT support the ability to follow a feed via e-mail. Why, exactly, escapes me. However - there is a basic solution. I have set up a process on the utahradio.org server that takes the twitter feed, and turns it in to e-mail. If anyone would like to use this feature, please send me your e-mail address. I'll put it in the system for you.

--RyanSimpkins 23:11, 10 February 2009 (UTC)

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